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by Coltrane
I had known Missy for almost three years. We had met when she first came to work for our company. She was located in our southeastern sales office in Atlanta while I worked out of Chicago. We saw each other several times a year at sales meeting, usually in New York. I had met her husband Greg once while passing through Atlanta. The three of us had had a nice dinner and a few drinks. He seemed like a nice enough guy. We had talked about getting together again, perhaps me and my wife flying down for the Peachtree Road Race in July. I have to admit being somewhat attracted to Missy. She was a striking woman with blond hair, lively, bright green eyes, and a wonderful smile. Her shape always appealed to me, the sensuousness of her body came not just from her full breasts, strong ass and legs, but also from the way she moved, the way she carried herself. She was a very sensuous woman who seemed to know it and enjoy it. She and I were together in the hotel bar, the first full day of sales meetings behind us. We were to be in New York for a week. The entire sales group had had a great dinner in Little Italy. Afterwards, she and I had ended up at a quiet table for a nightcap. She was smiling at me over a glass of wine telling me about her recent weekend in the islands with Greg. .. ...Somehow the conversation drifted into sexual matters, relationships. We both agreed that we were happy in our marriages, lucky, we agreed. We seemed blessed, we thought. "Ya know," she smiled almost nervously, "There is something though I don't quite understand." "What's that?" I asked. "Well," she went on, "I've never understood why people seem so wrapped up about sex being only for those in committed, loving relationships. I mean, what about sex just for the sake of sex?" "I'm not sure I follow you," I lied. "Sure you do, John," she laughed, "I'm talking about engaging in a sexual experience solely for the sake of the experience. Not looking for commitment or love, just great sex." I only smiled. "I'll tell you a secret," she smiled leaning closer to me. "Fantasy, sexual fantasy, is a powerful tool, almost like a drug. Invigorating, exciting." "You have fantasies?" I asked. "Of course," she laughed. "Okay," I smiled back, "Tell me one." "I'll tell you THE one," she said without hesitation, "Making love to two men at the same time. Not caring about love, commitment, fidelity, any of that. Just making love with abandon with two men." I'm not sure I blushed or not when I told her how wonderful that thought sounded. She smiled at me and held me with her gaze for more than a minute. You could almost hear the gears clicking in each of our heads. "Could Greg, your adoring husband, handle that?" I asked with real interest. "No," she said shaking her head slowly, "He couldn't. He's not really the jealous type but it wouldn't be something he could enjoy. I know, he's told me so." "Could you do it, live out the fantasy and never tell him?" I asked. "I think so," she smiled sipping her wine, "after all, I don't tell him when I masturbate. Why would I tell him about living out a sexual fantasy? I mean, if it was just for the sex, right? And it was safe, discreet. Harmless, don't you think?" .. Read more>>>

Unhappy Married WomanHello!! I am a 25 year old curvy lady, average build, blue eyes, brown hair, 5'2". I am looking for a fwb, obviously. I am looking for someone I can have some sort of chemistry with. I must emphasize I am looking for a friends with benefits not just a random hook up one time. I'm a super monogamous person, just don't have the time for dating right now, nor do I really want to. Basically looking for someone to hang out with, with ongoing benefits added. I am a nice person with a fun, outgoing personality. View Profile
Discrete funLonely married woman looking for NSA bedroom fun. I am 25 years old looking for a fun time I have a partner but... I'm looking for a mixraced guy either black or half cast please reply with pictures and I'll do the same in return and I dont mind if there is more than 1 off you maximum is 3 guys though. I like to be dominated. Would like guys between the age 35-50. View Profile
Horny wifeHorny bored wife looking for some fun im 31 size 8 and always horny i dont travel so u would have to come to me but im worth it. I am an attractive young woman, uncomplicated, sophisticated, and very erotic. If are seeking a taste of elegance and luxurious refinement then I might be the lady for you! lol hope to here from u soon x x x
View Profile
Fwb onlyHello boys. I am a recently divorced mother of 2, and very sexually frustrated. So this is a very simple request: I have been so long without a guy that I almost forgot what a guy's cock looks like. If you are feeling generous, I would love to be inundated with cock pics to remind me what I have been missing. And if you want a chat too, well maybe I can send a photo or two back in return... I am 38 year old woman wants clean discreet sex with a married or single man. Nothing complicated, just friendship and sex.
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Sales Rep who likes to be shared like a buffetI'm 24, and I want to get a following of attractive, horny guys. I work in sales, and travel extensively throughout the US. I often find myself at a loose end in cities all over the place.. so it would be nice to be able to turn to my loyal worshippers and invite a select few to my hotel room for nights of debauchery. In case you're wondering. I love being shared. View Profile
Thinking about a threesomeHi, I am looking into having a threesome with my husband so I want another man to join us in the bedroom. We are both professional, attractive and intelligent and would want the same from you. Im 24 he is 40s would want a man over 30 preferably tall and good looking. Send me a pic if you think you fit the bill! View Profile
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