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Are you into BDSM or fetish? Are you looking for mistress or a slave? If you would like to explore the world of sex domination and BDSM sex games, then you ought to spend your time at Sex BDSM Personals! Whether you would like to be whipped or you have the need to whip a hottie, at our site you will meet your match. Club's members are the hottest mistresses who are looking for submissive slaves and vice versa. Meet your mistress or a slave quickly and indulge your fetish. Our club will help you connect with potential partners very fast - bondage, submission, dominance, and sexy role-plays! JOIN FOR FREE

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Welcome to our BDSM, kink-friendly and fetish lifestyle dating site page made for the BDSM community. We have everything you need - swap messages and arrange real life dates. Chat with like minded singles and couples who share the same interests. If you're new to the fetish & BDSM scene, than our website is the best way for you to explore you deepest sexual fantasies. We have a lot of personal ads for many types of alternative dating niches, ranging from Tattoos, Goth and Emo. As well as a considerable range of fetishes, including, bondage, latex, leather, foot fetish, rubber, costumes, sex with food, water sports and more. Swap live messages and pictures with your matches on your phone or computer. Super fast, secure and private. Find a Dom/ Sub relationship at with a million active users, which makes browsing new content and interacting on community blogs well worthwhile for those looking to build a personal network. The site also allows users to blog, chat, and e-mail other members. It hosts a platform for masters or mistresses of BDSM and people looking to practice erotic bondage. Members are able to connect with other users in chat rooms, webcam sessions, and through private messaging. Similar to, website is dedicated to helping members connect with others that enjoy Shibari or are looking for their leather family. Whether you're looking for a one night stand or a long-term play partner, this website supports your quest to femdom nation. The BDSM site describes itself as "a BDSM community which caters for all your fetish needs including bondage, leather, PVC, foot worship, and financial domination." All users of these sites can read and write blogs, upload photos and videos, and share each other's posts. Find singles right now, that are not only in your area, but compatible with you based on your selected interests.

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I miss being Tied Up and GaggedWithout further ado, let me know introduce myself. I am 26 years old female of Scandinavian descent. Blonde hair, blue eyes, decent curves, and a gym fit body. I dig horror movies, exercising, and reading, I am currently in a very demanding and male-dominated field. Many women don't last long here, and of those few that do many have less than savory professional reputations. Professionally I am very dedicated to my job, and sometimes I need to be really assertive, bordering on 'pure hell bitch' to get the job done. I have been told more than once that while I am very attractive, I can also extremely be intimidating and hard to approach. Combine the aforementioned fact that I have selective and unconventional tastes when it comes to pursuing romantic relationships that check all my dirty little boxes, I guess it is no surprise I am here. Which brings me to my next point: I need someone that isn't going to put up with my bullshit. I want the therapeutic release of being stringently hog-tied on the floor. My pallid skin contrasted against the black rope and black lingerie I'm clad and restrained in, barely covering my most private areas. The red ball-gag strapped into my mouth making me drool on the floor, as I try to grunt and gag talk away my frustrations. My Snow White ass reddened with spankings administered by your hand and paddles. Are you the one who can control and shut me the fuck up? I'm tired of being a bitch to everyone. View Profile
Looking for a partnerI'm looking for someone that wants the same things I do. I think of myself as a romantic so I am looking for a partner above all else but I want one that wants to submit or wants to be trained to do so. That being said, I do think it's important for me to be physically attracted to you and vice versa. However, I do have a lack of experience so I will have to learn a bit as we go but I do have a little bit of experience. It doesn't matter to me whether we start online or in person, I'm fine with either. But eventually I do want to move into in person. Just shoot me a message if you're interested ;) View Profile
Dom/sub couple seeks bi-sexual female subWe are looking for the right playmate to join us for fun . If you are interested in a couple to have some fun experiences with.. If you love men and women and always wanted to know what it would be like to be with both at the same time.. If you crave domination by a strong man and the feel of a woman's touch.. Message us. Let's play out our fantasies together. View Profile
Florida Bi Kinky ABDL seeks his dream MommyHi everyone! I would love to find a Mommy to talk with on a regular basis. I love it when a mommy is sweet and loves to care give, but can be firm at the right time and is kinky and open minded. I am up for adoption if you want a loving, caring, thoughtful, and open minded boy who will cherish and respect you, always want to know how you are doing, and loves to learn about you. Open to online, distance, and possible irl. It would be super awesome if you were nearby. I am open minded, kinky, and single. I am intelligent and can talk to you about nearly anything. I like action movies and comedy shows. I like rock and alternative music. I love good food, adventure, and traveling. As a little I love to be embarrassed, put back into diapers, and be cared for, and have kink involved. I love cartoons, snuggling, and just relaxing as I have a stressful job. I am a bit of a loner, but super friendly, easy going, and open minded. I don't know what else to write, but I love questions :) I do like to be a little boy more, but can easily switch to a daddy as well if you need him. A daddy role is natural for me due to my tall frame, so that's easy. I am tall, well proportioned- somewhere between average and gym bod. If you are reading this and think we might match up, I can't wait to meet you! Please pm if you are interested! I am kik and discord friendly. You must be 18+ to contact me. View Profile
Younger Dom Seeks Submissive Woman/ Trans First off I would like to thank you for actually taking the time to read this. I'm just going to put this all out there and if I sound like the type of guy you'd be interested then send me a PM. I am 20 years old, slim build, with a deep voice living in the DC area. I have experience both in person and online and have had submissives from as far away as Australia. I am a massive gamer and nerd so being my submissive means you will need to put up with that. I also do volunteer work, fist aid training, and I make lovely audios you can have a look at on my profile. A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community. My kinks include but are not limited to: Spanking, choking, collars, bondage (light and heavy), breast play, public play, degradation, humiliation, gags, breeding, and roleplay. Always wanted to use a remote controlled vibrator long distance on someone so we could talk about that. What I look for in a submissive: I need someone who can be loyal, trusting, willing to learn, ages 18-40 (will discuss older), respectful , caring, someone who can be both my best friend, my lover, and my little fuck toy. Limits: Ageplay, rape, kidnapping, significant abuse (ask me about it), blood (bruises and scratches are fine), needles. Feel free to ask me about any of these. I am a flexible dominant and so I really like to get to know my submissives so I can be the type of Dominant they need me to be. If you made it this far thank you again, please send me a PM even if you aren't interested and just have a question or want to talk. Have a nice day!
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Submissive maleHello, I am a male seeking companionship and guidance in bdsm. I am open minded and willing to try new things. I try to think I'm dominant but seem to always gravitate back to being submissive. I want to leave as much as I can and would like to get to make new friends and meet new people. I think with the right guidance I can find my place and who I am. Feel free to message me and ask me whatever you want. I'm an open book. View Profile
Seeking Dom Woman or Trans in WisconsinHi there, Im new to the submissive male subject. I am a full-time firefighter. I am 6ft and 170 lbs. I am looking for a woman or trans to be a dominant trainer. I am willing to do whatever you want. I am not into hardcore physical pain. With that being said I do have a large range of things I would do. I am very outgoing and like to be in the outdoors! Message me if interested! Cant wait to hear from you!
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Curious submissive misses being dominatedHello, About me - I'm a 27 year old with some BDSM experience which has all been very positive. However my experience is limited and I'm looking for someone to chat to who can help me explore some of my favourite kinks and introduce me to some new ones! I enjoy anal play, orgasm control, light bondage and spanking. Open to new things. Hard limits include blood and toilet play. Happy to share more information via message. I am on the curvier side and realise that is not everyone's cup of tea. Looking for someone who can hold a conversation and is willing to help me explore. I'll have lots of questions!
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Looking for a new sub to train and teach a thing or twoHey there! I'm Jessika, a 42 years old domme and thanks to the lockdown that is currently happening i have a lot of free time on my hands. That's why i decided to look for a new sub to train and show her how to become more slutty/ adventurous/ open/ obedient girl... depending on what your personal goal is. I don't really care about your looks or your position in life since this will be mostly online anyway (unless you happen to literally live in the same town as i do) View Profile
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